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CHORUS I've been livin' so long walkin' down these broken roads I can't live like this I don't know which way to go I'm not sure where life will take me turn left, turn right I'm hazy somebody lead me off these crazy broken roads VERSE 1 I'm sick of feeling broken, my heart is bleeding I'm open for something to give me hope and I'm hopin' to be unfrozen I'm holdin' on to my sorrow tomorrow I'll give it up but I battle it and let it take me right out the game and now I'm chained on the sidewalk just like a bike lock I'm runnin' out of time, there's no minutes on my clock I wanna make a change like erasin' some white chalk I'm caught up in the crowd like I'm chillin' at woodstock VERSE 2 I need a Samaritan 'cause apparently I'm lost apparently I'm terribly in need of the cross I'm torn in two, to tell the truth, I'm brutally honest too many times I feel alone with people breakin' their promise but I know I gotta change, I got some things in the closet haunting my very soul man, these monsters are toxic tearin' me into pieces but I know in the back of my mind I'm prayin' Lord will you give me a sign VERSE 3 I'm done with this life full of anger and strife I'm sick of creepin' in the night with no light within sight I need to open up my eyes and see the world that's before me so I'll take the straight and narrow way because my brokenness is bringin' hopelessness and now the pain I'm feelin' is killin' me and now I'm thinkin' is this all there is and if there is more to life than this better open up my heart and I'll let you come in BRIDGE I need you 'cause I'm dying on my own so lost on this crazy broken road I can't do this on my own feels like I don't know just what to do how to get on my feet and run to you I'm on this crazy broken road
CHORUS I'm a sold out soldier for Christ I'm dedicated to the Lord and I give him my life I lay it down now, I lay it down at the cross I lay it down now, and I count it as loss VERSE 1 I'm completely committed I'm in it until you're finished and I'm fightin' like a titan, come on can I get a witness? I'm witnessing like disciples, I'm pheening for revival the bible is what I'm reading as I'm fightin' for survival like Destiny's Child this is where my destiny lies when I finally will see the lord splittin' the sky when he cracks it open like an eggshell I'm glad to know my destination isn't gonna be hell because I'm sold out VERSE 2 I've made my decision my mind is made up I'm forgiven I'm driven to preach the gospel somethin' like the twelve apostles I'm spittin' fire with every rhyme they say hurry up but man I say give me time because I be patiently waitin' it don't matter what I'm facing like David facing Goliath I'm slinging stones at the giants I'm layin' with lions closing the mouth of the beast with every scripture that I speak I pour it right to the street because I'm sold out CHOIR SECTION ENDING I will live for you Lord I will live for you
CHORUS Lord You're my superstar, yes that is who you are there's no one else that can amount or even come to par Your glory stretches far beyond what I'm thinking of Your love is true it ain't fantasy like what I'm dreamin' of You're my Superstar yeah you're my Superstar VERSE 1 Every moment that I breathe I believe in you I'm needin' you I ain't never leavin' you I'm stickin' to you like a shadow do and I'm clingin' to you like a child do Look, I owe you without you I'd be "Alex who" my first name would be nameless too I don't suit my own name without my king fame don't mean a thing I boast the most holy name VERSE 2 Without the nail-pierced palms and stretched arms mounted up on a cross I'd be lost I'd be gone but I'm crossed over like Lebron and Wade the old is on its way to an empty grave I laid my pain down I'm no longer a slave I'm stronger today from the debt that He paid I'm built like a rock set firm standin' in faith Now rewind the hook back man and sing a little praise
VERSE 1 You got a hard life and nothin' seems to go but hold on and stay strong you gotta try to survive through the pain you gotta keep you head up get up like waking in the morning the Sun is comin' out now the night is fallin' from your eyes your mind is crawlin' with the lies that you once fell in but the Light is bright in the mornin' look to the Son and all your mournin' will fade away your clouds are gray but soon they'll break apart so sunny days can make it's way into your broken heart CHORUS Are you the person who is running away trying to make it on your own trying to find your own way and now you're hiding in the pain running blind in the rain but God is coming to your rescue, he's coming to say "Don't run away now, don't run away don't run away now, don't run away" VERSE 2 You can't take it you're done now you're packin' your bags you're lookin' for change so you can catch the next train out of this city of pain, thunder and rain you're not makin' excuses but your life you wanna lose it man because you're feelin' clueless you don't got the strength to stand you're broken up like a puzzle, you need a helping hand you need some strength today, you need to find your way you need to make a change 'cause you don't wanna run away VERSE 3 Come back like the prodigal son come back to the love that He gives come back to the hope that He wants you to have so that you'll finally live come back to the God who made you, yes He wants to be beside you live inside you, hug and hold you, yes He wants to get to know you So what are you running from, see it don't matter what you've done no amount of sin could ever take the love of the Father's Son it's so incredible yeah, it's unconditional it's undeniable, He's undeniably glorious
CHORUS I wanna fall into Your arms and wipe my tears on Your shoulder I wanna tell You that You make me stronger I wanna walk and hold Your hand, follow Your footprints in the sand I wanna swim in seas of grace for You I hunger VERSE 1 Lord, I'm sorry I left, I'm on the floor in a mess and I'm in need of Your mercy like I'm needin' my breath I'm suffocatin', my heart beats dull in my chest and I can't take it I'm done, God, give me my rest I need a break, I hate that I'm losin' my faith and I'm stuck in a state where I'm ready to break so can you see all the tears runnin' down my face I need a shoulder to cry on, a Father today VERSE 2 I wanna look into Your eyes and see how they sparkle like the star in the sky shinin' over the stable the beauty You display goes beyond what I'm able to see with my eyes like I'm watchin' some cable there's more than that there's strength in the image I see as I gaze into Your eyes I realize I can see and I can be the man of God you want me to be now I believe that you're the only one that I will ever need BRIDGE I'm Yours, You're my God You're my God
CHORUS I just wanna say I just wanna say I just wanna say I just wanna say say sa-say say say sa-say say say sa-say say I just wanna say VERSE 1 No, I can't say it enough no, there's never enough of Your love 'cause Your love is all I ever needed You never left me nor forsake me and You brought me through pain so now I'm giving you some thanks, praise is where I aim it's time to lift up your hands, every woman and man to the left, to the right from daytime into night we're givin' praise where the praise is due so everybody get up out your seat and just say just say thank you VERSE 2 I'll show my gratitude since You changed my attitude so now I'm thankin' You, praisin' You 'cause You made me new I now believe in You, I'm needin' You I always did now I will ever will live for You 'cause of what You did yeah, I may work to the bone but I know You got me Lord I tried on my own, the Word I ignore but now I'm walkin' strong, the Word is my core and now I just wanna say thank you


EDIFY was an electronic/hip-hop music group comprising of Alexander Smerchynski and Brandon Blume. They are no longer active.

If you're looking for the E.D.I.F.Y (Education Development Inspiration For Youth) music ministry program by Fresh IE, head over to edifymyyouth.com for more information as they are a separate entity not affiliated with this band/project. God bless you!


released August 1, 2012

Everything inspired by: Jesus Christ

Alex Smerchynski (vocals, lyrics, music)
Brandon Blume (guitars, keys, music)


AJ (vocals)
Dee Liandra (vocals)
Joel Ruhr (vocals)
Larry Leask (vocals)
Bomba Ng'andu (keys)
Byron Foster (guitars/keys)

Music, Beats, Vocals, Arrangements Recorded,
Programmed and Produced by:
Byron Foster (New Song Music & Video Productions)

***Superstar, Don't Run Away, & Thank You Written and Co-Produced by:
Brandon Blume & Alex Smerchynski


all rights reserved



Alex Smerchynski & Brandon Blume Winnipeg, Manitoba

EDIFY was an electronic/hip-hop music group comprising of Alexander Smerchynski and Brandon Blume. They are no longer active.

If you're looking for the E.D.I.F.Y (Education Development Inspiration For Youth) music ministry program by Fresh IE, head over to edifymyyouth.com for more information as they are a separate entity not affiliated with this band/project. God bless you!
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