Don't Run Away (feat. Joel Ruhr)

from by Alex Smerchynski & Brandon Blume

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You got a hard life and nothin' seems to go
but hold on and stay strong
you gotta try to survive through the pain
you gotta keep you head up get up
like waking in the morning
the Sun is comin' out now the night is fallin' from your eyes
your mind is crawlin' with the lies that you once fell in
but the Light is bright in the mornin'
look to the Son and all your mournin'
will fade away your clouds are gray but soon they'll break apart
so sunny days can make it's way into your broken heart


Are you the person who is running away
trying to make it on your own trying to find your own way
and now you're hiding in the pain running blind in the rain
but God is coming to your rescue, he's coming to say
"Don't run away now, don't run away
don't run away now, don't run away"


You can't take it you're done
now you're packin' your bags
you're lookin' for change so you can catch the next train
out of this city of pain, thunder and rain
you're not makin' excuses but your life you wanna lose it man
because you're feelin' clueless you don't got the strength to stand
you're broken up like a puzzle, you need a helping hand
you need some strength today, you need to find your way
you need to make a change 'cause you don't wanna run away


Come back like the prodigal son
come back to the love that He gives
come back to the hope that He wants you to have so that you'll finally live
come back to the God who made you, yes He wants to be beside you
live inside you, hug and hold you, yes He wants to get to know you
So what are you running from, see it don't matter what you've done
no amount of sin could ever take the love of the Father's Son
it's so incredible yeah, it's unconditional
it's undeniable, He's undeniably glorious


from EDIFY, released August 1, 2012
Vocals/Lyrics: Alex Smerchynski
Guest Vocals: Joel Ruhr
Guitars: Brandon Blume
Music: Brandon Blume

Music, Beat, Vocals, Arrangements Recorded,
Programmed & Produced by:
Byron Foster (New Song Music & Video Productions)

Co-Produced, Programmed and Arranged by:
Brandon Blume & Alex Smerchynski (E.D.I.F.Y)



all rights reserved


Alex Smerchynski & Brandon Blume Winnipeg, Manitoba

EDIFY was an electronic/hip-hop music group comprising of Alexander Smerchynski and Brandon Blume. They are no longer active.

If you're looking for the E.D.I.F.Y (Education Development Inspiration For Youth) music ministry program by Fresh IE, head over to for more information as they are a separate entity not affiliated with this band/project. God bless you!
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